Kirsty Elizabeth-Psychic



As a psychic consultant I am committed to providing an honest service to the best of my ability. My skills as a clairvoyant have enabled me to give sensitive and accurate genuine psychic readings to individuals for over 20 years.

Through tarot and oracle cards I am able to give insightful, psychic vision to life situations and provide enlightenment on specific agendas and questions. I have been pleased to have helped so many people on a one to one basis in this way.

I am happy to provide a general Psychic Reading to look at the current situation around you or to focus on a specific area of your life. I enjoy my work as a psychic consultant, spiritual teacher and writer. I have vast knowledge of new age aspects of spirituality. My strength lies in my ability to interpret emotional energies within physical situations. This allows me to understand how an individual may be experiencing life as a certain physical manifestation, which sometimes appears to prevent their feeling of happiness and fulfilment. I believe that we are all a part of spirit and that we are born with the right to joy and abundance. Our journey in on Earth is physical but also emotional. I work on the principle of balance of energies and interpretation on a personal level.

 I aim to provide a genuine, high quality service to every individual which will give enhanced perception of self and life situations. I may also see guides and guardian angels. It is the guides who speak to me through visions and symbolism about life purpose and spirituality during any psychic link.

As a Spiritual Healer and New Age Consultant I believe in the practice of self-love and the release of negative mind states. I am proud to call myself a Light worker, as I honour the energy of love and light that creates our universe. My readings promote a spiritual teaching and guidance based on Love versus Fear and the claiming back of natural power in asserting our desire for true happiness.

Every psychic link for me is both a teaching and a learning. I love to help others and to give. I work with loving energies to promote positive and healing experiences for those with whom I link, reminding individuals that are loved and deserve love. It is common to find people who have forgotten to love themselves.

I feel privileged to be able to say that I know that there is a life after death. As a spiritual consultant I am a lover of life. I believe completely in positive thinking as a life enhancing power that gives people back control. I do not believe in fate, rather in opportunity. We all have the opportunity to embrace the very best that life has to offer at any given moment. I simply believe in choices and exploring each moment.

Working as a psychic consultant has taught me how many individuals are looking to evolve their own spirituality. A psychic reading can spark many new questions and inspirations of life`s origins and purpose as it is a creative process of the exchange of energies. I believe that most people are good-hearted and want to exist in the energies of love. It is generally thought within the new age movement that humans are evolving towards a mass consciousness which will bring about transformation at soul level for a united group of individuals. When I link with new clients I begin to feel that I am offered a glimpse of the possibility of combined energies. I feel that every link is a mutual learning experience for which I am grateful and motivated to do more.

Born under the sign of Cancer I am drawn by the moon. Emotional, feminine and psychic, I am a natural clairvoyant with highly developed intuitive senses. I am highly sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others and have deep knowledge of the cycles of learning which take place within the human learning experience. My natal chart shows three major aspects falling under Cancer, which highlights psychic and intuitive skill. I am extremely caring, nurturing and have a gentle nature which can be soothing. I have times of introspection which calls me to spend time alone and away from the energies of fellow humans. I love to be out in nature and am particularly drawn to the sea, which I choose to live close to in order to take regular walks. In some ways I am a loner but just like the moon I feel a deep connection to the Earth and the people on it. I feel it is my calling to offer light in the dark to those who may need it. I can be a hopeless romantic and believe deeply in true love and pureness of heart. Typical to the sign I do not like confrontation or aggressive energies. I find violence, cruelty and ignorance abhorrent. My affinity with the sign of cancer guides to believe that I have the ability to witness what lies on and beyond the dark side of the moon and I dare to open my eyes to this phenomenon even in the broad light of day in the hope that I may pass this insight on to others.




Kirsty Elizabeth Psychic Readings is an Entertainment service.  Kirsty Elizabeth is not responsible for any decisions or actions taken by a client after a psychic reading.

Kirsty Elizabeth is not a counsellor and does not give advice.  Kirsty Elizabeth Psychic Readings should not be used in the place of any medical, legal, financial or other advisory service.